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Smoking Cessation Therapy

Would you like to stop smoking?


The truth is most smokers do want to quit.  Most smokers have tried before and have perhaps found it difficult.  The use of hypnosis with a well trained therapist can make quitting smoking easy that you might imagine.


David Woolley is a Certified Smoking Cessation Specialist (Cert SCS), trained by the UK Academy of Therapeutic Arts and Sciences.  He has the skills and knowledge to help you to become and remain a non smoker. 


If you require any information about smoking cessation with hypnosis then feel free to contact me to discuss your needs.  Below are the answers to some common questions that may assist you:


Q) Why is your fee less than many other local therapists?

A) I do not believe that smokers should be charged any more for my help than anyone else.  My standard session fee is £50. The £90 fee for smoking reflects the fact that the session is about twice as long.  The back up session we offer to all smokers is free.


Q) Do you offer a guarantee of success?

Q) It is unethical to offer a promise of success for any kind of therapy as we are unable to control another person's human behaviour.  We will however, promise to do our best to help you achieve your goal.


Q) Will I gain weight when I quit?

A) Part of our programme covers the issue of weight gain so you can be confident that the issue of weight gain will be thoroughly addressed in the session


Q) Why do you not display a success rate or show testimonials?

A) We are not ethically allowed to quote statistics and testimonials can be considered a breach of client confidentiality.  We do however, monitor our results to ensure we are offering the best possible service. Disclaimer, results vary from person to person

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