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Sports Performance
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Sports Performance

Would you like to perform better at your chosen sport?

Would you like to...?

- Have more Confidence?
- Deal more effectively with setbacks and adversity?
- Perform at your best when it matters to you most?
- Feel calm and focused at will?

You could learn…

- How to get the most out of practice.
- How to build real, unshakeable confidence.
- How to deal with set backs and adversity.
- The significance of the way you speak to yourself.
- And much, much more….

So much is talked in sport today about the mental side of the game and
phrases like “mind set” and “belief” and “confidence” are bounced
around like punch lines. 

What would it be like to own the mental skills that the great players have?


Imagine being able to create the correct mind set, to develop belief and to possess a real confidence in yourself.

Brookhouse Hypnotherapy (Norfolk) specialises in sports performance coaching.  As a professional sportsman, Hypnotherapist and Master NLP Sports Practitioner, David has the skills necessary to help you achieve your sporting goals.  Contact us for more information.

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